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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cabin fever to the Nth degree

So here we are at day 6 and I am climbing the walls to get out of here!! My counts are getting better but my blood work shows that I STILL have no neutrophils. I spent a little longer than usual talking to Dr. N tonight and I get so frustrated. I feel like every time I try to discuss Italicfuture treatment options the answers are always different. So I get confused and then I get mad and there is never anyone else there to play advocate for me to be able to remember what gets said. Dr N tonight made the statement that he believes I have been leukemic for years and that it most probably was the cause behind my miscarriages. He goes on to say that he feels my AML has been SO slow growing that a transplant might not be a good option for me. I just hate feeling like I am being jerked back and forth. And I know it's all bothering me more because I am bored out of my mind which allows me to get upset too easily

Please say a prayer.... God is not the author of confusion


  1. Isn't there some sort of advocate at the hospital that can sit in on these discussions with you to help you? I would think there's someone that the hospital can provide.

  2. Google your area for cancer advocates, it should be a free service. What options is he giving you if a transplant isn't an option?


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