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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Surprise Saturday

Wow what a great day yesterday was. It really goes to show how far the little things people do can make such a huge difference in another's life.

It has been our standing arrangment that Patrick bring Sarai up to the hospital on Saturdays after she gets up from her nap. We usually eat some dinner and hang out in the atrium at the end of the Oncology ward.

Unfortunatly children arn't allowed on the cancer floor because there are so many neutropenic patients that the germies they carry could seriously effect any of the patients health status. It is for this reason also that Patrick doesnt bring Sarai to visit as much as I wish they could....

Anyway. At about 2pm I get a phone call from P just sounding like he wanted to chat... but then out of the blue he says "meet me in the atrium". I go down and behold there is all my family, P, Jess and Sarai and a huge bag from Outback. I have grown very fond of their Alice springs quesadillas (mmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it).

So even though I had just eaten lunch I had to have me some.

Sarai was amazingly well behaved yesterday, she spent a lot of time bein silly and playing with me tho she was very disturbed and aggitated about me having to wear a mask. To top it ALL off Patrick brought me my mail.

I got two packages and it was like Christmas morning!! One package was from my dear GRITS, Reid Anderson, she sent me the BEAUTIFUL scarf I am wearing in this photo and a ceramic angel that says "my there always be an angel by your side" it's so pretty I cant wait to hang it in my bedroom at home. The other is a hand made tote bag with goodies from the Lydia project. The tote and goodies came to me by way of a sweet lady I use to work with and her sister who volunteers with the project (I highly recomend if you know any women dealing with cancer that you check out the site they are doing an amazing thing!)

With all goodness yesterday I couldnt help but feel uplifted and strengthened! Really took the sting off the fact that I am STILL in the hospital and really ready to go home.

Some days are just so good you wish they'd never end!!
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