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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

14th month oncology check-up....

I went in to see Dr. Nic yesterday.  As you may have read in my previous post see here I called and moved my appointment up by a week because I have been feeling so fatigued. 
Well the incredible news is that all my "leukemia signs" are great... my white and red counts are perfect and tho a little low my platelets are good too.
The frustrating news is that I still have two types of anemia: Megloblastic and Hemolytic... I wanted to research these before posting so I could explain them in normal english.  Essentially megloblastic anemia is linked to B12 deficiancy, I am still unsure as to if taking a suppliment will work for this, we are going to try one month of oral B12 and then go to injections if that doesnt work.  Hemolytic anemia is where the red blood cells are deformed and/or broken in some way, this can be a product of the chemo and also of cronic pancreatitus (which can also cause the megloblastic kind) so I am double down with this.  On the flip side my body has excess iron, for some unknown reason it's there but it's not being absorbed and used like iron should be.  So with all this in play my fatigue and ill feeling are completely understandable.
Dr. Nic was very anxious yesterday, he told me that this is a time of "high alert" that between now and my one year aniversary in June he will be watching extra close for signs of relapse.
I was a little disapointed because I thought that I had already hit my 1 year milestone (thinking they were basing the year on dignosis not point of remission) but what's a few months right?!
If you'd like to see pics from my journey with AML please check out my previous post . I spent several hours on it only to have it pushed to back pages when I posted new entries.....
much love and prayers to those who keep up with me and lift me up in their hearts and prayers!! 


  1. Hey Love! I am so glad to hear that the Leukemia signs are great! That is wonderful news!!! As for the anemia, now you know, right? Hopefully the oral B12 will help, although I suspect you may need more than a month to show much improvement. As for the Hemolytic anemia, is there anything that can be done? Just wondering. Praying that both get better! Take a deep breath and take extra care of you for these next months for sure! I know you were disappointed to hear that you were not 'out of the woods' so to speak, but I am glad your doc it watching things closely! Love and Hugs!

  2. So glad all is good on the Leukemia front. I know the other 2 are annoying but at least they are manageable and you have answers. That is so weird about your anniversary. My doc said you go by date of diagnosis. Weird. Doesn't matter though, you got this!


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