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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I HATE my hair.............

This photo was taken the first day of chemo 12.28.09

I really took the whole hair loss thing in stride when I went through chemo... my only concern was that I not wake up with clumps of hair on my pillow or have to clean globs of it out of the drain when I went to shower or wash it. I made the decision 2 days into chemo to have a dear friend of mine, Matt, come and just shave me flat bald. My only regret has been that I did not think to save and donate my hair.... When I was dignosed I had JUST (as in days before) splurged on a cut color and style. I loved my hair (tho many use to tease me about my color choices)

I delt well with my baldness, despite how cold it made me, it never really bothered me that I didnt have hair. I wore hats and scarfs because P was pretty embarassed by it but really I could care less. It was like a war badge I wanted everyone to know that I was fighting and winning.

Well now I can say that I hate my flippin hair I mean HATE it. It's at that stupid stage where it wont grow back fast enough. I cant tie it up and my "bangs" if you can call them that look like I put them in those squishy rollers and slept in them for a month. ARGGGGHHHH All I ask for is a pony tail!!!

This photo was taken aprox 14 months after I shaved my head
Feb 2011


  1. I so feel you! I couldn't wait to get a ponytail! I didn't hate it like you do but I missed being able to just pull it up. It looks like you are at the stage I was awhile ago. I bought some bobby pins and would pin those damn annoying "bangs" and I use that term loosly back and then i got some of that paste stuff and would use just a bit to make it cute. Next stage was those soft headbands and now finally a mini pony. I hope some of those ideas help. Let me know if you think you will try the paste and I will send you what i have. It was expensive and with being pat that stage I will never use it again. Let me know and I will send it to you! Keep fighting girl...we got this!

  2. Well, I think you're beautiful!


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