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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wanted to share my Year in review of AML photos

As I was working on updating this blog and rearranging my pictures on my computer today I came across several pictures I have taken of Sarai and I during the past 14 months of my treatments, thought it would be interesting to see them all lined up......

12.11.09 Showing off my new do

12.18.09 St Mary's after 4 blood tranfustions, still didnt know it was AML

12.28.09 admission day for chemo

12.29.09 showing off my port cath (day 2)

01.06.10 post induction (new do)

01.08.10 better shot of the new do

2.26.10  2nd round of chemo

03.01.10 going home after 2nd chemo

03.12.10 back in hossie 5th stay, sick

04.01.10 after 6th stay going home

04.13.10 4th round of chemo

04.17.10 going home after 8th stay, sick

05.07.10 start of 5th round 9th hospital stay

05.11.10 end of 5th and final round!!

05.15.10 post chemo enjoying the sun

05.27.10 home from 10th hospital stay

06.11.10 1 month post chemo 1 week post BMB REMISSION

06.18.10 my baby girl turned 3!!

07.11.10 2 months post chemo

09.21.10 4 months post chemo

10.31.10  5 1/2 months post chemo

11.08.10 6 months post chemo

02.07.11 9 months post chemo

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  1. great pics! Some days I wish i had taken more and some days I am glad I didn't! LOL Great minds do think alike though! I was going through pics just now to see if I could figure out how to add them!


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