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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Intro to me (Part Two...Cancer)

As I mentioned before I had a dilusion that being dignosed with Cancer things would change, bridges would be built issues would be resolved.  This was so far from the cold hard truth.  Cancer makes live crude, real, brutal, and sometimes very overwhelming.  It can bring out horrible traits in others that before they might have been able to hide.
I witnessed the remained of the breakdown of our family unit as I struggled and suffered endless chemo, pain, testing, and trials of despritly attempting to maintain my life.  I learned that my husband "doesnt do illness" I became very isolated and drepressed I was shut off from the very people I needed to have by my side.
Through God's grace the wonderful woman who were there for me during my pregnancy struggles they rallied around me and were my main stay and my life through all of my horrible cancer journey. 

The line in the sand was drawn midway thought treatment when P told me "Im only still doing this becasuse you have cancer".  I had an apifiny that night.... I know it will take a lot of work and a lot of time but I am not going to flounder in a miserable relationship where when I needed my partner the most he let me down in everyway.....lots of changes to come.....
just so very sad that Cancer broke us upart instead of bring us together....

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  1. Wow, Christy ..... I read it all and am so sorry for all your struggles.


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