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Friday, March 11, 2011

Twice stolen blog challenge....

I came across a post on a good friend's blog, read it here , she had borrowed the idea from another friend on how to get in the habit of posting and adding quality to your blog entries.... so I have decided to take the 30 day challenge... hope this gives my friends and loved ones some insite into who I am now and allows me to sort and explore some of my intermost thoughts and desires..... so here is the list of upcoming posts

1.Intro about me (as my life is now).

2.The explanation for this blog, and its title.

3.A recent photo of me, and explanation of why I picked that photo.

4.My family explored.

5.My friends explained.

6.My saddest memory.

7.My happiest memory.

8.Life's biggest challenge so far.

9.A book that has had an impact on my life.

10.My hopes for this new year.

11.Something I've lost that I really miss.

12.My favorite trait about myself.

13.My least favorite trait about myself.

14.My favorite color, and why.

15.What would I do with a million dollars?

16.My favorite season, and why.

17.The hardest thing about being a mom.

18.The best thing about being a mom.

19.What I watched on TV the night before.

20.The charity/foundation that means the most to me, and why.

21.What I think the meaning of my life is (so far).

22.My favorite cartoon as a child.

23.My thoughts on religion and God.

24.My favorite piece of art.

25.A song that makes me cry.

26.Something that always makes me smile.

27.My favorite vacation.

28.If I had 3 wishes...

29.A picture of something that makes me happy.

30.My goals for the future.

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