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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The BC and AC of it all (The explanation for this blog, and its title)

I was reading another survivors blog this week and she talked about the line that we draw so deep in our lives separating the time BC (before cancer) and AC (after cancer).  Reading what she wrote really struck a cord with me cause it's true... cancer changes you... sometimes for better sometimes for worse but you are NEVER gonna be the same.
I have always and will always be a writter.  It's a way for me to get things out and purge my soul of unrest and strife.  BC I always thought about blogging but never figured I was good enough to attract readership or attention from many people.  But now it's not about that anymore.  I started my carepage ( see here ) a few weeks into my induction treatment in Dec of 2009 and after months of updating my page with my current medical junk I decided I wanted something more expressive, something I could design and alter as the mood struck me.  Thus Leukemia and Laffy Taffy was born.
For those precious few who dont get the name.  In Feb of 2010 in the throws of my horrible rounds of chemo my delightful daughter brought home a bag of Valentine candy.  In this bag was a piece of strawberry laffy taffy, now mind you I dont even usuallly like strawberry candy. I got such a HUGE relief from my mouth sores and the aweful taste that chemo leaves in you mouth that I was hooked.  In the following weeks and months I went through bags and bags of laffy taffy... some of which was sent from as far away as NV as a gift from a dear dear friend and Mother from my teenage years.  I know that writting in this has not become a habit for me that it probably should but when I get down to it, it always makes me feel better!!! Much love

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  1. I think at these crisis hours it is very important to read inspiring blogs that will help you recover mentally knowing that there are many like you in the similar boat and fighting hard.


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