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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hair today gone tomorrow

I am so very frustrated with the hair situation right now.  When I was first dignosed with AML in Dec 09 I elected to shave my head... the thought of waking up every morning to shoulder length clasps of hair in my bed depressed me greatly, the thought of gobbs of down my back hair clogging up the shower still turns my stomach.  So I just got rid of it ALL, at the time I had a very one track mind and didnt think about donation tho through my recent readings they probably wouldnt have taken it anyway since I dyed my hair..... I had infact paid $100 for a wash cut, color, style, and wax.... what a waste of money ROFL.
So here I am on day 1 of my new induction chemo round and I really want to do something more productive with my hair this time......BUT I have searched and searched and searched I can not find a place that will take donations of shorter hair.  Mine is between 5"-7" depending on where, I have not cut a snip off of it since I shaved it that fateful day. 
This is my desire.  I want to cut it in some style of buzz cut, pretty short but not skin bald and then dye it some crazy color, I am not sure what yet but I am leaning towards orange since it's for leukemia awareness.... crazy I know that I just think it would be so fun and funny to show up at Emory like that.  DH has told me that if I do that he wont go out in public with me.... that party pooper

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